Nice Fish – July Kona Fishing Report

Kona Fishing Report
Published on Jun 17, 2021

We recently hosted Eddie Hale and his family on the Humdinger and they did not leave disappointed. We caught this nice 555 pound blue marlin on the charter, and unfortunately, the fish became tail wrapped during the fight and died before we could bring it along side the boat to release it. We always make a point to release the blue marlin here in Kona in an effort to preserve the species and we tag and release the billfish to assist fisheries biologists in gathering valuable data for research so they can better manage the fisheries resources. On occasion, however, we are unable to release a fish in a healthy state, and so we take the fish. In this case, the resource was not wasted and fed over 500 people at Luau a few days later.

Overall the fishing has been pretty good here in Kona on the front side of the moon and we have enjoyed one of the best Ono (Wahoo) seasons in years. June through September provides some great fishing in Kona with a good mixed bag of species including Blue Marlin, Ono and Yellowfin Tuna. If you are planning on visiting Kona this year and would like to enjoy a day or two of sportfishing, we encourage you to book your fishing charters as soon as possible. Demand is very high right now and we are booking several months in advance. So be sure to check our current availability online and book early for the best dates and rates.

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